Sunday, 11 March 2012

Facilitation Research Week Leeds March 5-10 2012

MOTHERLAND is VDT's major project for 2012/13. It is a middle scale production offered in conjunction with innovative programme of events, discussions, practical workshops and classes, civic and cultural debates curated by VDT around issues raised in the work. VDT will work in advance with host venue managers and education / outreach gatekeepers to programme a series of events that will engage diverse audiences and encourage participation by those who may not usually attend ‘ contemporary dance’ at their local venue. From 5-9 March as part of Charlotte's curated programme JUNCTURE at Yorkshire Dance - - the cast of Motherland worked with Charlotte and Dramaturg Ruth Ben Tovim all week to look at how we might devise curated events on tour that performers can have ownership and be responsible for. Questions we asked were -

How to devise participation work?
How to research engagement?
How to invite performers to facilitate curated events on tour?
What thoughts and approaches and ideas would we like to share?
How to move away from what we already know to find new languages to articulate our practice?
How does collaboration across disciplines shift our own practice?
Can we build a list of core principles for this work?
How to invite people in as creative equals - not us as 'masters' or 'teachers'?
What is our enquiry - for the production? For the curated events on tour?

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