Friday, 15 July 2011

Blugg posting

VDT jumped into RandD process this last week, and, a lot of image, sound, and dialogue has been proposed as some jumping off points. And perhaps, as something for Charlotte to look at, and consider, and propose other things to do again.
I find my imagination engaged by the proposition of Alex and myself preparing a piano for to make assorted noises from.
I wish the piano had a more solid foundation to roll it about on, because it is a heavy thing...
I have been listening on head phones to an audio recording of my Mother responding to a list of questions about feminism.
I repeat verbally what she says, as it plays in my head phones.
This is apparently a mediation by technology.
I am happy to see company members again, and i am happy to meet new people who i have not known much.
Everyone seems likely.
I opened a box, and it was full of ashes.
Another box contained a first aid kit.
The boxes appeared to be from the first world war.
Imitation blood has been spilled about the space, and an artist drew human figures to be projected on a wall.
Two associates came by the studio for to visit the process.
Eastliegh is full of charity shops.

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