Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Day 2 - 13.07.2011

Let it begin…

Hi, hello, good morning, how are you, how was it, oohhh, it was so long time ago since… and after few hours of sleep we entered the studio. Into the land of Motherland.

Alex playing a beautiful lullaby for starters, Rob pretty much injured, trying to make a video camera work, Charlotte with her eyes wide open, scraping her eyebrow, Aurora sitting calmly by the door, drawing, Scott arrives.

Delicate + sensitive vs. strong and powerful.

Performing or exhibiting?

Fictional or autobiographical?

Is real time a value?

Boxes full of photos of people and places, favourite tunes, explosives, vegetables, wedding cake, video camera, Ken and Barbie dolls, soap, staircase, security cameras, things to masturbate, pocket trumpet, cell phone, expectations, eggs, medicine, smoke, guns, rules and instructions, foetus in soil.

“Feminism makes me think of the slogans of social equality. It is a struggle for dignity, equality rights, women's liberation, the fight against sexism, sexual image of women in the media, advertising. This is the fight against male domination, which was based on patriarchal social structures. The struggle of feminism withmasculism”, chauvinism, sexism. On the other hand, feminism is often an attempt to make women like men and yet from an early age we were taught that there are things which are not appropriate for woman”.

(from a conversation with a friend of mine)

One is not born a woman, one becomes one. (Simone de Beauvoir)


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