Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tuesday Evening/Wednesday Day

We rig up a tablet PC and pen and spend the evening drawing, creating pantomime landscapes around live action, scribbling people into focus by drawing the light onto them. We throw shadows and make them part of the pictyre. Technology always feels too hi tech for me .
I enjoy the detail of throwing into focus tiny features of bodies in the space. Im not so sure about figurative drawings, labels, words on the back wall. Aurora's animations are not really present yet. They don't seem able to find a way into this space.

Weds. Wendy and Claudia arrive.
We try to show them everything we've 'got'. Much is missed out from a long lost of vignettes, acts, scenes, images we are trying to remember enough to recreate. Instead images of stuffing and birth are repeated over and over by men and women. I try drawing and scribbling and labelling the action but it is a distraction. Not sure where all that is going. This 1.5 hour semi-remembered impro leaves us feeling flat. Should have suggested something more refined at this stage. Must remember to let all the performers know that I too am improvising on the outside during these events. I confused people today by not remaining passive and trying to influence the action without telling them I would do that. Realise things are often more fragile than they appear from the outside.

I like the monochrome of black and white (and dark wood) with red sometimes.
I have been enjoying the whiteness without stage lighting. The introduction of technology and the consequent need for blackout and stage lighting encouraged the use of 'costumes' ( such as they are) whichin turn encouraged a mot very useful Performative State - which in turn made the material seem at times over the top.

However there is a coolness about some of the images. A gallery / catalogue of images. An installation as much as a performance. No punchlines. How to remain functional, practical? How to push through the dangerous stereotypes that are lurking in the room? How to displace heartfelt experience into someone elses mouth to cool it all off even more?

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