Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thursday 21 July - Dom's Thoughts

Experimentation. Observation.

How do you bring 'technology' into a space all ready inhabited by the organic ?

Is it something to work with or change or evolve the work ?

Various forms of technology happily exist within the space...but video seems to have become alien. Maybe this is as much a preconception of what it is, feeding its use....?

To make video co-exist within this space it needs to become part of it. Not an adjunct, not a thing that happens in the background...something intrinsic, motivated by the world that it is in....manipulated by the performers within it...


Not everything will be relevant.

Video is introduced into the space in a way that it can be manipulated live. Live drawing / writing in the space seems to work well....depending on the content. It provides annotation to the work, in places simply words of description, or line drawing flowing from the movement or sound of the performer. It was interesting to use the drawing as a light source, colouring objects/performers in with light, bringing subjects into focus.

Seems to work much better as white drawing on black, adding light rather than subtracting. It removes the constant light source...and effect of 'video screen' that a full white background demands.

Gauze was brought into the space, but was quickly removed. It created interesting double images, which could be played with further...but maybe not suiting this project. Use of performer within the gauze space conjured up the literal, and couldn't help feel a bit pantomime. I suppose in this case without having a reason for it, play becomes a bit unhelpful, as it so easily falls into the pantomime.

'real video' does not really fit. Played with live camera, focused on shadows and close-ups. Also used Microscope camera on text and drawing, but again felt too 'real'. Maybe it would work better in a confined space, such as a box or the chalkboard....

Again, trying to get away from a video screen. Project on to bodies, chairs, boxes, in different planes, not flat 2D space.

OHP works well, although would this work better on a smaller surface....rather than the big 'screen' at the back. Does it mix with the video? I don't know.

Projecting down on to the floor....could be very interesting, touched on but not investigated further...

The Animation looks really good, but we are yet to see how it works within the space. Maybe if it brought objects alive...or the creation grew from the performers. This couldn't be live, but does this matter...?

We shall see......

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