Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Leah's Memories of Today and Yesterday

Sitting backwards on one of three chairs in a row, Liz and Aurora either side of me, swishing and flicking our hair back and forth in unison, whilst Joanna sang not amazingly to some music……..Janusz sharing the story of his box and watching this performance type thing I got déjà vu at that moment for some reason………Janusz chased me in stilettos, I was wearing cream high heels too. I have blisters to prove it!

Other stuff... We did a fun activity where to begin with two people asked each other any sort of questions. Then gradually other people came up and swapped with either of the two people questioning. The process began again with the new couple asking questions to each other. After some time of swapping everyone ended up hovering at either sides of the questioners shoving them gently, whenever they wanted, out the way to swap with them. After a while of that we began a new activity, leading on from the last one.

In this one male and females where split up (men on one side and women on the other)

Both groups had one microphone between us. We had to ask the opposite group a question about being a female or a male. But the hard thing was, the whole group had to ask the question at the same time without planning what we were going to ask. Everyone sounded hilarious speaking very slllooooowwwlllyyyy and trying to say the same thing at the same time, not knowing what an earth the rest of your group was thinking about saying. It made me have to go with other people’s instincts as well as mine.

Yesterday was slightly different, we started with improvised moving in partners (I was with Janusz) which led to making a slight dance thing, Charlotte gave us a list of things we could make our dance about. Our list was to do with childhood. We thought what we had done already was to do with wanting love and needing affection.

So far this experience has been, laughs, smiles, serious moments, talks (lots of talks) boxes, performing.

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