Saturday, 23 July 2011

this week we experimented with visual designs projected in to/on to the space and also language scores. The language scores sourced material from manifestos and interviews.
There seems to some questions around what are more or less appropriate forms, though it is interesting to be looking at, listening to, and experiencing many different propositions.
Also, one might find themselves inside the image in the space, and as such, not necessarily be able to 'see' it.
a video has been edited and posted, and i thought an editing of the media, gave a kind of economy to the view of some events.
The kitchen is all a bustle of activity during meal times.
I enjoy it when it the machinations seem like musical theatre. People singing quixotic funny songs and whatnot.
We made a list of images that had previously transpired, and tried to recreate some of them in some integrated fashion. This seemed hard to do in an integrated fashion.
Some new people came this week, and some people have gone away.
Some other new people will come next week.
It keeps developing and reveloping, and then there is something for more discussion.
I am assuming, that each individual is developing strategies, about what it is they are doing now, in relation to what their ideas or agendas were, when they arrived.
I am having a bit of a tendency to send things up, but i remain serious in a fashion, about researching the notion of 'feminism'. Though i am not sure i am the person to ask about that especially.
I have placed a value on humor maybe as a component.
Also, sound, movement, language, visual design etc..
Eastleigh has a very comprehensive pound shop.

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