Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day 1 - Luisa

Coming alive again, lots of inputs…responding is a sea of possibilities…started off dressing Aurora as she walked in a state of oblivion. I was extracting costumes from a box that used to contain explosives during the war, the sign on them “UK Government explosive” struck me as its mark of a time that happened and in which they had such a different purpose from today’s. I handed Aurora some large brushes which she used as maracas. From there we shifted our focus to an improvisation with percussive sounds again using the boxes. Alex stepped in to advise on rhythm and accent. We sort of found a rhythm and tried it in a structure with 6 people, stay silent and walk for two and then stay still and bang for six.
I was an observant for some time….
There was an interesting moment when three people moved gently to the sound and rhythm they were making. Rob began telling jokes about women with the aid of Aurora who would suggest words to him. Scott was also coming in with sounds that punctuated the joke. A swapping of roles took place and as Aurora remembered fractions of the jokes, the involuntary fragmentation added an emotional resonance for me.
Rob on chair, father written across blackboard and pram being pushed into the space, Andrea across the back wall. Rob changed the word father to fucker, he undressed and approached Aurora with intention, she picked up his clothes and put them back in the box and put it in his proximity, he hid behind board

‘happy’ family tableaux followed

letting the voice out…
crying sounds of a baby
mamma was
laughter of a mature woman

head of a woman
holding head to her vagina
lying her chin in arms

A vital trio with Janusz and Greig along the wall we ran, made contact, collided, shifted grabbed, squeezed into spaces.

30minutes alone with the box…oh oh..… after wandering with it and away from it, the words “I am a lake , searching for the reaches that make me “ rescued me from what seemed a vacant journey - the box was now a room of my own, I searched for my reaches in the limits of that space.

Aurora and ashes
the perfect and the imperfect man
“perfect woman” was entertaining.


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